[Build In Public] The Better Photos Project

A Multi-Article Series

Building a better, less privacy-violating, Google Photos alternative - in public. After much deliberation, I have creatively named this project 'Better Google Photos (BGP)'. This is my first experiment with building in public. In this series of articles, I will transparently catalog the entire build process, including the planning, technical, and marketing aspects of building this project.

This series is being actively published, and there are a few more articles on the way. As such, the content available currently might not cover the entire subject.

Experimenting with Building in Public, and why I am annoyed with Google Photos

22nd of May, 2021

Having read a lot (especially on IndieHackers), about people building their startups in public, I am now intrigued enough to give it a shot myself. Over the next few months, I will finally get started with building my next (much delayed) side project, which I have creatively named 'Better Google Photos (BGP)'. In this article, I will explain my issues with Google Photos and why I want to build a better version.