Flex-Cheat is thirty lines of CSS, exposed as six classes, which can be mixed and matched to produce pretty much any HTML element layout using the magic of flexboxes.


In a recent post on HackerNews, a lot of commentators lamented the difficulty of laying out HTML elements using CSS. I used to find laying elements out in HTML using CSS quite annoying and tedious too – until flexbox came along, and made life a lot easier, at least when it comes to layouts.

For the past few years, I've used the same six custom classes and their associated CSS style declarations, as a layout helper for my applications. By mixing and matching these classes, I've been able to generate pretty much any layout I've wanted to, with minimal pain.

The flex-cheat utility declares the following styles:

  • flex-container: Marks an item as a display:flex and all it's immediate children as fixed width i.e. both flex-grow and flex-shrink set to 0.
  • flex-container.column: flex-container + sets flex-direction to column.
  • flex-container.inline: flex-container but sets display to flex-inline instead of flex.
  • flex-container.center: flex-container + centers direct child elements using align-items.
  • flex-container.column.center: flex-container.column + centers direct child elements using justify-content.
  • flex-rest: To be added to specific direct child elements, to allow them to take up the rest of available space. When multiple child elements are marked as flex-rest they share remaining space equally. Components marked flex-rest will grow and shrink as required.

The flex-cheat CSS utility, is basically my little magic wand, and waving it just the right way, gives me the exact layout I want. To demonstrate my point, I'm going to show a few different layouts that were generated using only the six flex-cheat classes.

  • Fixed Width Row: Fixed Width Row
  • Equal Width Row: Equal Width Row
  • Mixed Width Row: Mixed Width Row
  • Centered With Fixed Width Row: Centered With Fixed Width Row
  • Centered With Mixed Width Row: Centered With Mixed Width Row
  • Fixed Height Column: Fixed Height Column
  • Equal Height Column: Equal Height Column
  • Mixed Height Column: Mixed Height Column
  • Centered With Fixed Height Column: Centered With Fixed Height Column
  • Centered With Mixed Height Column: Centered With Mixed Height Column
  • Grid With Mixed Rows and Columns: Grid With Mixed Rows and Columns

The HackerNews post, triggered me to clean up the flex-cheat CSS and open source it. You can checkout the flex-cheat CSS utility on Github. Usage examples are available in the examples directory.

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